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Title:Seat Belt Use on North Dakota Rural Roads: 2010
Authors:Andrea Huseth, Kimberly Vachal, Laurel Benson, Donald Malchose, and Mark Lofgren
Publication Date:Nov 2010
Report #:DP-235
TRID #:01449129
Keywords:crashes, fatalities, rural highways, seat belts
Type:Research Report – Department Publications


With the understanding that seat belts are a relatively low-cost safety device, and are an easy primary protection for occupants in passenger vehicles, North Dakota has chosen to continue work to measure rural roads seat belt use. The U.S. Department of Transportation works with states to measure seat belt use through the annual National Occupant Passenger Use Survey (NOPUS). However, NOPUS does not include observation sites on local rural roads –the location for 1 in every 3 fatal crashes during the past five years (NDDOT 2008).

In 2009, a pilot project was initiated to develop a more rigorous and consistent metric for measuring rural seat belt use in North Dakota (Vachal et al. 2009). This study is a follow-up to the 2009 project, replicating the previous methodology to measure North Dakota rural seat belt use for 2010.

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Huseth, Andrea, Kimberly Vachal, Laurel Benson, Donald Malchose, and Mark Lofgren. Seat Belt Use on North Dakota Rural Roads: 2010, DP-235. North Dakota State University, Fargo: Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, 2010.

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