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Title:Server Training in North Dakota: A Comparison and Assessment
Authors:Andrea Huseth
Publication Date:Nov 2010
Report #:DP-234
TRID #:01449090
Keywords:alcoholic beverages, curricula, drinking establishments, drunk driving, training
Type:Research Report – Department Publications



North Dakota is currently ranked first in the nation in percent of total traffic fatalities that are alcohol-related. Although not mandated in North Dakota, server training is one of the programs being implemented by North Dakota Safe Communities to aid in reducing impaired driving.

Server training or Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) programs are specifically designed to train alcohol servers, alcohol establishment managers and owners to identify underage and over-intoxicated patrons and aid them in refusing service, the outcome of which would be to prevent intoxication, and ultimately alcohol-impaired driving. The objective of this assessment was to evaluate server training in North Dakota, specifically the program offered by Safe Communities, and to compare/contrast that program with other training programs offered in the state, in addition to conducting a comparison with programs offered outside of North Dakota, including online classes.

The results of the analysis reveal that the curriculum offered by Safe Communities is currently following the best practices expressed in the literature, as are other programs available to servers in North Dakota.
However, alcohol servers and alcohol establishment managers are dubious as to how effective server training is at reducing impaired driving. In addition, a huge unknown is the effect the server training program is having on alcohol-related crashes, citations, and compliance check rates in the state. Further analysis is needed in this area.

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Huseth, Andrea. Server Training in North Dakota: A Comparison and Assessment, DP-234. North Dakota State University, Fargo: Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, 2010.

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