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Title:Safety Insights and Indicators for North Dakota's Teen Drivers
Authors:Kimberly Vachal, Donald Malchose, and Laurel Benson
Publication Date:Aug 2010
Report #:DP-230
TRID #:01225592
Keywords:age, crash exposure, crash injuries, crash risk forecasting, demographics, driver education, driver experience, fatalities, gender, seat belts, seat belt use, surveys, teenage drivers, traffic violations
Type:Research Report – Department Publications


North Dakota teens have relatively high risk for crash injury and death. Analysis of a survey completed by 2,284 teens in the state shows age, driving exposure, driving experience, and demographics are interrelated factors in safety outcomes. The oldest teens are least likely to be consistent seat belt users. School grades are a strong demographic in teen driving safety – 80% of teens that reported A's in school report high seat belt use compared to 25% of teens that reported F's. Seat belt use is significantly higher among female teens, and for teens located in rural and western areas. Seat belt use has a negative correlation with crash involvement and ticket incidence. Models of safety indicators for licensed teen crashes, tickets, and seat belts are developed to better understand interrelated factors. Low driving exposure, high school grades, and high seat belt use are strong factors in positive safety outcomes. Control variables show safety outcomes vary by geography and region. Teens that completed private driver education did report a significantly higher rate of ticketing, compared to those with public education, but this relationship is not significant when other factors, such as age, geography, and experience, are controlled in the safety outcome model for tickets.

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Vachal, Kimberly, Donald Malchose, and Laurel Benson. Safety Insights and Indicators for North Dakota's Teen Drivers, DP-230. North Dakota State University, Fargo: Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, 2010.

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