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Title:Medical and Economic Cost of North Dakota Motor Vehicle Crashes
Authors:Donald Malchose and Kimberly Vachal
Publication Date:May 2010
Report #:DP-225
TRID #:01166622
Keywords:benefit cost analysis, crash injuries, economic impacts, fatalities, investments, savings, traffic crashes, traffic safety
Type:Research Report – Department Publications



Each year there are more than 16,000 motor vehicle crashes (MVCs) on North Dakota roadways, resulting in more than 2,900 injuries and 107 fatalities. Understanding the economic impacts of these MVCs is important in discerning impacts of road investments, behaviors, and policy changes that affect public safety. Total economic costs are estimated for MVCs in the state, with detail provided on medical costs borne by taxpayers. The present value of costs for MVC injuries incurred over a seven year period is estimated to better understand benefits, in terms of cost avoidance, for investment in traffic safety. Looking at the economic costs of MVCs and using a benefit/cost analysis of implementing a primary seatbelt law produces a savings from $90 million to $277 million over the seven-year period. The medical cost savings to Medicaid alone could be as little as $1 million and as high as $3 million, and the savings to all medical insurers ranges from $8.4 million to $25.3 million.

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Malchose, Donald, and Kimberly Vachal. Medical and Economic Cost of North Dakota Motor Vehicle Crashes, DP-225. North Dakota State University, Fargo: Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, 2010.

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