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Research Reports
Report Details

Title:Business Plan for West River Transit Authority Inc.
Authors:James H. Miller, Jon Mielke, and Marc Scott
Publication Date:Dec 2009
Report #:SP-172
TRID #:01456623
Keywords:business practices, long range planning, needs assessment, regional transportation, rural transit, transit operating agencies
Type:Research Report – Staff Papers


Long range planning is crucial for any organization but it is especially important for rural transit systems that have small staffs where one person may possess all the institutional knowledge that keeps things running. Unfortunately, the smallness of these organizations may also demand so much of an administrator's time for day-to-day operations that long-term planning needs go unrecognized and/or unmet. This report addresses the long-range planning needs of a rural transit system by preparing a business plan that identifies existing mobility services and unmet mobility needs and then outlines a plan for meeting related needs in the future. The plan also prepares corresponding operating and capital budgets and identifies potential funding sources. It also presents recommendations that are specific to local operations. Related items include matters such as organizational structure, staff training, succession planning, vehicle replacement, service expansion, and marketing.

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