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Title:Small Community Transportation Security: Security Assessment and Practices Pilot Project
Authors:Jarret Brachman
Publication Date:Jun 2009
Report #:DP-211
TRID #:01138757
Keywords:best practices, counties, disaster preparedness, evaluation and assessment, multimodal transportation, security, strategic planning, terrorism, transportation
Type:Research Report – Department Publications



Today's small-community security professionals operate in an era shaped by the ever-present specter of domestic and international terrorism, increasingly interdependent webs of interaction across public and private sectors, and rapidly advancing technological innovation. In such a complex and interconnected world, there can be little doubt that the need for awareness, coordination and strategic vision on matters of transportation security is critical, even for small communities. This report is a pilot study of transportation security initiatives and activities that are underway in Stutsman County, North Dakota. The goal of this pilot study is to better understand the kinds of challenges that face security professionals in small communities and the kinds of innovative solutions that can be found. Drawing on the experiences from Stutsman County, which is wrestling with security related to multimodal transportation systems, this report will identify and share some best practices. The goal of this report is that other small communities will be able to enhance both their security preparedness and transportation system resilience by applying the most relevant lessons in their own localities.

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