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Title:Dynamic Impact Load Tests of a Bridge Guardrail System
Authors:Richard Gutkowski, Abdalla Shigidi, and Michael Peterson
University:Colorado State University
Publication Date:Sep 2007
Report #:MPC-07-188
Project #:MPC-042
TRID #:01080149
Keywords:bridge railings, impact tests, load tests, wooden bridges


A structural concept as an alternative to conventional bridge guardrail system for application in timber bridges was conceived in prior related research on an innovative timber bridge system. This paper presents the results of the subsequent study, which was conducted after making the improvements. The results showed the main component of a steel hanger performed without significant distress. Applied transverse ramp load was favorably distributed into the transverse floor beam segment of the specimen, and no noticeable damage resulted at q load level comparable to the ultimate load implied in bridge design code requirements of the American Association State Highway and Transportation Officials. An exploratory test under pendulum impact load testing showed the hanger and its connection system performed with no major damage. The main bridge girder sustained structural damage, but extreme handling methods needed to move the specimen into the load position and a reduction in its depth prior to testing may have damaged the girder and contributed to that outcome being suspect.

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