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Title:North Dakota Strategic Freight Analysis: Regional Strategic Freight Study on Motor Carrier Issues
Authors:Mark Berwick, Mark Lofgren, and Junwook Chi
Publication Date:Jul 2007
Report #:DP-184
TRID #:01493282
Keywords:freight transportation, motor carriers, regulations, size and weight regulations
Type:Research Report – Department Publications



This study explored the regulatory environment shippers face in moving freight throughout the region and highlighted differences in regulations that exist among bordering states and provinces. Truck size and weight regulations in the north central states and provinces are controlled and specified by state departments of transportation and provincial departments of highways, rural municipal councils, major urban transportation agencies, U.S. Department of Transportation, national parks, public works, and other government agencies and services. Truck size and weight regulations are meant to promote safety, as well as prevent excessive wear and tear on highways and bridges. However, due to the inconsistencies in size and weight regulations, problems exist for seamless freight transportation. This report provided a snap-shot of current regulations and conditions and the reader should note that vehicle size and weight laws are continually evolving depending on various scenarios.

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