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Title:Utah Intersection Safety - Recurrent Crash Sites: Identification, Issues and Factors
Authors:Wayne D. Cottrell and Sichun Mu
University:University of Utah
Publication Date:Dec 2005
Report #:MPC-05-176
Project #:MPC-254
TRID #:01030696
Keywords:bicycling, countermeasures, crashes, crash rates, crash severity, databases, fatalities, highway safety, injuries, intersections, pedestrian areas, research, signalization, state highways, unsignalized intersections
Type:Research Report – MPC Publications


A study of collisions occurring at intersections along State routes in Utah was conducted. The number of crashes, the crash severity score and, for selected locations, the crash rate were determined and "ranked" for intersections within the Utah Department of Transportation's Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4's three districts, and the entire Statestate. Study periods of ten years (1994-2003) and three years (2001-2003) were used. The Crash Data Delivery System (CDDS) was used to identify intersections, determine crash frequencies and severities, and find other collision-related statistics. Detailed examinations of individual crash sites were not performed in this study, although the report contains some general recommendations. Additional analysis should investigate collision types by crash severity at a variety of intersections, crash rates at intersections between State and non-State routes, and variable functional influence areas. The research team considered the CDDS to be a useful tool, and encourage its continued development, including the customization of certain database search procedures.

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