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Title:Meeting Small Urban Transit Needs in North Dakota: A Case Study Perspective
Authors:Del Peterson, Dustin Ulmer, and Jill Hough
Publication Date:Oct 2004
Report #:DP-159
TRID #:01091772
Keywords:aged, case studies, costs, demographics, fares, feasibility analysis, fixed routes, paratransit services, persons with disabilities, public transit, ridership, small cities, surveys, urban transit
Type:Research Report – Department Publications



James River Transit is a paratransit system serving the Jamestown community. It provided 50,180 one-way rides in 2000 and 45,100 one-way rides in 2001 while traveling 130,476 miles and 129,118 miles for those years, respectively. The system operates seven days per week and its ridership may warrant some form of fixed-route system.

Jamestown also has a large population of individuals with special needs. This large demographic group, along with FTA requirements, will not allow for the complete elimination of James River Transit's current paratransit system. However, implementing a fixed-route system and reducing the number of miles traveled and the number of individual trips provided by the paratransit service may allow James River Transit to reduce costs and charge lower fares for fixed-route service.

The objective of this study is to evaluate the operational feasibility of altering the James River Transit paratransit system to include fixed-route service and measure the improvement in service to residents as well as cost savings to the transit system and riders.

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