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Title:High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes Evaluation II - Traffic Impact, Safety Assessment, and Public Acceptance
Authors:Peter T. Martin, Dhruvajyoti Lahon, and Aleksandar Stevanovic
University:University of Utah
Publication Date:Nov 2004
Report #:MPC-04-164
Project #:MPC-246
TRID #:00983504
Keywords:acceptance, crash data, data analysis, evaluation, high occupancy vehicle lanes, highway safety, highway traffic control, off ramps, on ramps, public opinion, surveys, traffic law enforcement, traffic signs



Congestion in Salt Lake City is showing an increasing trend and, as congestion reaches higher levels, benefits of the HOV lanes will also increase. It needs to be determined whether the Salt Lake Valley HOV lanes are performing effectively in terms of travel time benefits, safety and the ability to carry more people in fewer vehicles. Additional factors like public opinion about the HOV facilities also need to be considered. All these factors should be taken into account and thoroughly analyzed to track the increasing benefits, identify the problems that need to be addressed and determine the conditions that would encourage additional HOV users. In this way policy-makers can use accurate information to make informed decisions about the future management and improvement of the HOV facilities in the Salt Lake Valley.

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