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Title:Mobility of MSUM Faculty and Staff: Transit Survey Results
Authors:Del Peterson, Jill Hough, and Gary Hegland
Publication Date:Oct 2003
Report #:SP-153
TRID #:01091659
Keywords:mobility, motor vehicles, needs assessment, personnel, public transit, residential location, ridership, surveys, teachers, universities and colleges
Type:Research Report – Staff Papers


Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) is a major employer in the Fargo-Moorhead area. A transit survey was developed to determine faculty and staff transportation needs and to explore options and opportunities in meeting those needs. A letter was then emailed asking MSUM faculty and staff to participate in the survey. Response to the survey included 115 respondents consisting of almost exactly half faculty and half staff members. The results for the faculty and staff are presented in four main sections. These include: 1) location questions such as distance faculty and staff live from campus; 2) current mobility issues such as access to motor vehicles; 3) utilization of MAT buses; and 4) campus accommodations for transit.

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