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Title:University Transportation Survey: Transportation in University Communities
Authors:John Daggett and Richard Gutkowski
University:Colorado State University
Publication Date:Jul 2003
Report #:MPC-03-150
Project #:MPC-181
TRID #:00961898
Keywords:automobiles, campus parking, campus transportation, college students, demographics, fares, land use, performance, planning, policy, questionnaires, subsidies, transit operating agencies, travel surveys, universities and colleges
Type:Research Report – MPC Publications



Universities and transit agencies across the United States have been finding innovative new ways of providing and financing mobility services on and around university campuses. Many transit agencies are providing substantially more service and moving substantially more riders than their counterparts in non-university environments.

The characteristics of university transportation systems were examined through demographic data and a mail questionnaire from many transit agencies across the United States. The questionnaire was mailed to 48 universities and transit agencies. Twenty-three responded with enough valid data and information to be included in the study.

The premise of the study was to determine what types of relationships existed between transit performance and university policies or practices. The questionnaire was constructed to examine a number of substantive areas and to acquire foundation information, such as demographics and transit performance information.

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