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Title:Future Scope and Structure of the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute: An External Examination
Authors:Ken Casavant
Publication Date:Apr 2002
Report #:SP-148
TRID #:01685408
Keywords:education and training, energy, public utilities, recommendations, strategic planning, telecommunications, transportation, universities and colleges
Type:Research Report – Staff Papers



President Joseph A. Chapman has charged North Dakota State University to move to the next "level of excellence" in its service to North Dakota. The Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute is a full partner in that desired growth and progress. The Institute's continuing research, education, and service in transportation make it a natural partner in this move, due to the importance of all types of mobility to the state's future socioeconomic success. Just as the mobility of people and resources is enhanced by transportation, it is also enhanced by access to reliable and affordable sources of energy and communications. Now, as new areas of need and service to the state occur, the Institute is considering a broader service role, including the utility fields of energy and telecommunications. It is appropriate to examine the future scope and structure of the Institute as it handles this enlarged role and responds to the new charge by the University.

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