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Title:Physical and Chemical Stability of Admixtures in Unpaved Road Soils
Authors:Arnold DeCastro, Thomas Edgar, David Foster, and Arthur Boresi
University:University of Wyoming
Publication Date:Mar 1996
Report #:MPC-96-52
Project #:MPC-079
TRID #:00722159
Keywords:admixtures, calcium chloride, computer programs, environmental impacts, leaching, lignosulfonate, magnesium chloride, moisture content, motion, physical properties, rain, simulation, soils, stability (mechanics), surface course (pavements), unpaved roads
Type:Research Report – MPC Publications


This project has investigated the performance of the admixtures during and after leaching has occurred. This report presents information in two main areas of investigation. The first is a soil column study to determine downward, one-dimensional solute transport properties and trends of the admixtures lignin sulfonate, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride. The second area is a rain simulation study to evaluate various physical properties of the road surface related to the addition of the admixtures and/or Kaolinite. These properties include infiltration rates, runoff rates, erosion, and upward leaching of the admixtures into the surface runoff water. These two sections of the study allow the effective life of the admixtures to be determined. From the effective life, an admixture application schedule is developed.

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