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Title:North Dakota Potato Industry
Authors:Mark Berwick, Tara Anderson, David Ripplinger, and John Bitzan
University:North Dakota State University
Publication Date:Oct 2001
Report #:MPC-01-123
Project #:MPC-191
TRID #:00815112
Keywords:commodities, crops, demand, farming, highway planning, highways, industries, irrigation, links (networks), location, logistics, networks, nodes (networks), origin and destination, production, supply, trucks, warehouses
Type:Research Report – MPC Publications


The study provides information to aid transportation decision makers in planning and programming for future commodity transportation needs. The study describes recent trends in potato production and processing within the state; examines the logistics of potato transportation, storage, and processing; identifies the potato industry's transportation needs in relationship to type and time of product movement; creates a GIS database of potato production in North Dakota; forecasts shifts in production and its implication on truck and highway use and maintenance; and creates a set of trip generation and truck type factors that can be used by highway planners.

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