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Title:Cyclic Lateral Loading of a Model Pile Group in Clay Soil, Phase 2B
Authors:Joseph A. Caliendo, Loren R. Anderson, and Robb Eric S. Moss
University:Utah State University
Publication Date:Feb 1999
Report #:MPC-99-99B
Project #:MPC-097
TRID #:00765376
Keywords:clay soils, cyclic tests, deflection tests, empirical methods, foundation engineering, lateral placement, load transfer, pile foundations, seismicity, soil mechanics
Type:Research Report – MPC Publications


In certain regions of the world, designing deep foundations to withstand seismic loading is a reality. Seismic loading of structures and foundations reaches a critical state as a laterally applied force. The response of soils and foundations to repetitive lateral forces is highly complex, relegating most design methods to be based on empirical research. The primary objective of this research was to analyze mechanics of seismic loading of pile groups in clay soils. To achieve this a model testing facility was constructed to house a fully instrumental 1x5 model pile group that was subjected to cyclic lateral loading. The results from this testing include bending moment distributions per pile and cycle, load distributions, deflection curves, normalized design curves, and p-y curves. These results are presented to expand volume of empirical data on laterally-loaded pile groups and further the knowledge in seismic design of deep foundations.

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