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Title:Regional State DOT/MPC Continuing and Cooperative Education System Report
Authors:Michele Lorenzen, Eugene Wilson, and Denver Tolliver
University:University of Wyoming, North Dakota State University
Publication Date:Jul 1993
Report #:MPC-94-27A
Project #:MPC-027
TRID #:00715409
Keywords:barriers (roads), continuing education, cost effectiveness, delivery service, education, methodology, personnel development, rural areas, state departments of transportation, transportation careers
Type:Research Report – MPC Publications



The goals of this study were to depict the continuing educational needs of Region VIII state transportation departments, to devise alternative methods of educational delivery, and to identify and overcome institutional and technological barriers. Surveys of Wyoming and North Dakota transportation department employees were conducted to measure interests and needs. This report identifies and evaluates methodologies used to deliver education over long distances. The criteria and delivery methods were identified through a literature search and through interviews with distance education professionals. An overview of distance education issues is included and institutional and technological barriers are identified. The rural nature of Region VIII hinders continuing education for geographically dispersed practicing transportation professionals. An effective distance education delivery system could meet many continuing education needs. The evaluation of distance education delivery systems revealed that systems most resembling the interaction present in a traditional classroom setting best met the criteria for educational effectiveness. The cost effectiveness of these systems will depend on the users' needs and system design. The distance education system chosen will present unique inter-institutional barriers.

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