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Title:Statistical Methods for Optimally Locating Automatic Traffic Recorders
Authors:Chih-hsu Cheng, Christopher Nachtsheim, and P. George Benson
Publication Date:Jul 1992
Report #:MPC-92-14
Project #:MPC-011
TRID #:00638830
Keywords:accuracy, algorithms, annual average daily traffic, automation, computer models, economic efficiency, estimates, location, statistical analysis, traffic measurement
Type:Research Report – MPC Publications


The purpose of this project is to validate and implement computer-based statistical methods for the optimal placement of Automatic Traffic Recorders (ATR) on road sections to improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) estimates. We developed two computer algorithims to find an optimal sample: an exchange algorithm and a two-stage sampling algorithm. In the rank-1 exchange algorithm, ATR sites are sequentially added to and deleted from the design. It generates highly efficient designs (i.e., sets of ATR sites) without exhaustively searching through all possible designs. In the two-stage sampling apporach similar sites are statistically clustered, then approximate design techniques are used to calculate the optimal weight for each cluster. Based on these optimal weights, a random sample of sites is selected from within each cluster.

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