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Title:Analysis of Roadside Inspection Data and Its Relationship to Accident and Safety/Compliance Review Data and Reviews of Previous and Ongoing Research in These Areas
Authors:Brenda Lantz
Publication Date:Jan 1993
Report #:DP-95
TRID #:00737576
Keywords:alternatives analysis, compliance, crash data, highway safety, inspection, motor carriers, roadside
Type:Research Report – Department Publications



The main objective of the present study is to analyze roadside inspection data and its relationship to safety/compliance review and accident data. Data used for this analysis is provided by the Office of Motor Carriers and includes a sample of larger carriers with the most recent inspection information and safety ratings. As part of this paper, summaries of past work in this area and in other related areas are given, as well as reviews of ongoing research. The current study finds strong support for a relationship between the aforementioned data sets and the finds are compared with the earlier work reviewed. In addition, some preliminary results of further research into the characteristics of those firms with little inspection data are presented.

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