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Title:A Credit Quality Study of the Agricultural Trucking Industry of North Dakota
Authors:James Almond and David Nelson
Publication Date:Jul 1969
Report #:DP-9
TRID #:01832289
Keywords:agricultural products, capital investments, trucking
Type:Research Report – Department Publications


There are four factors of production or classes of resources that are needed for production of any good or service. These are land or raw materials, labor, capital, and management ability. In order to enter or remain in the trucking industry, all four factors of production must be employed and accountable. However, to increase in size, capital availability often becomes the major hurdle to growth. The major investment is in the motor vehicle. In addition, capital must be available for operating expenses.

The general purpose of this study was to determine the ability of the agricultural trucking industry of North Dakota to attract capital, either from private investors or from financial institutions.

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