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Title:A Risk-Based Framework for Optimizing Inspection Planning of Utah Culverts
Authors:Pouria Mohammadi, Behnam Sherafat, and Abbas Rashidi
University:University of Utah
Publication Date:Jul 2023
Report #:MPC-23-501
Project #:MPC-692
TRID #:01890144
Keywords:culverts, deterioration, inspection, maintenance management, risk assessment



Regular inspection and maintenance of culverts are critical to ensure the safe functioning of transportation infrastructure systems, preventing injuries, loss of life, and significant financial damage. Various state departments of transportation (DOTs) and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) have published culvert inspection and asset management manuals, which differ greatly between states. Therefore, this research aims to assist the Utah DOT (UDOT) in developing a comprehensive culvert management system by creating a robust model to estimate culvert conditions and providing a risk-based framework to enhance Utah's culvert inspection planning. The deterioration curves were calculated using the support vector regression (SVR) and random forest regression (RFR) algorithms based on culvert inventories from Colorado, Utah, and Vermont. Combining these inventories can estimate the final deterioration curve for Utah's culverts. Once the likelihood of failure has been determined based on Utah's final culvert deterioration curve, the frequency of culvert inspections can be established using a risk assessment approach. Therefore, culverts can be tracked based on their current condition and risk of failure. Most of the important life cycle risk factors are linked to the culvert and can be monitored to predict potential failures in the future. UDOT staff can repair/replace the culvert in advance and prevent high costs. Also, we created a draft of a Culvert/Storm Drain Management Manual for Utah at the end of this study. While creating it, the content from culvert inspection manuals of federal and other states was amalgamated and adapted for Utah's unique circumstances.

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Mohammadi, Pouria, Behnam Sherafat, and Abbas Rashidi. A Risk-Based Framework for Optimizing Inspection Planning of Utah Culverts, MPC-23-501. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2023.

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