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Title:Improving Design and Construction of Transportation Infrastructure through Bedrock Characterization
Authors:Kam Ng, Lokendra Khatri, and Esraa Alomari
University:University of Wyoming
Publication Date:Sep 2022
Report #:MPC-22-480
Project #:MPC-632
TRID #:01868564
Keywords:bedrock, compression tests, failure, geotechnical engineering, rock mechanics



This study evaluates a comprehensive experimental investigation to better understand the mechanical and deformation behavior of Wyoming bedrocks and therefore to improve the design and construction of transportation infrastructure. Fifty-six rock samples were collected from different locations around the state of Wyoming, including different rock types, formations, geologic ages, and depths. The prominent rock types are sandstone, shale, siltstone, claystone, and other less common rock types that represent three geological types: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Geotechnical investigation and rock sampling were performed to obtain standard rock cores with a diameter to height ratio of 1:2 for laboratory testing. A series of uniaxial and triaxial compression, porosity, and specific gravity tests were conducted on these samples, and the results in terms of Mohr-Coulomb failure parameters, Hoek and Brown failure parameters, and elastic properties were analyzed in this study. Findings of this research includes conducting regression analysis for the dataset in order to establish prediction equations that relate bedrock strength and deformation properties and the failure behavior of bedrocks depending upon rock geology and other contributing factors. Finally, recommendations were provided based on the experimental results that will facilitate the design and construction of transportation infrastructure in Wyoming.

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Ng, Kam, Lokendra Khatri, and Esraa Alomari. Improving Design and Construction of Transportation Infrastructure through Bedrock Characterization, MPC-22-480. North Dakota State University - Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, Fargo: Mountain-Plains Consortium, 2022.

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