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Title:Rural Transit Fact Book, 2014
Authors:Jeremy Mattson
Publication Date:Aug 2014
TRID #:01551369
Keywords:demographics, financing, operating costs, public transit, ridership, rural areas, rural transit, statistics, travel behavior, trend (statistics), vehicle fleets
Type:Research Report



The Rural Transit Fact Book provides information on transit service availability and cost to help the transit industry in the United States provide efficient and effective service to meet rural community mobility needs. Financial and operating statistics can be used by agency managers, local decision makers, state directors, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and lawmakers to assist in policy making, planning, managing operations, and evaluating performance. This publication includes rural demographic and travel behavior data as well as financial and operating statistics for agencies receiving section 5311 funding. In addition to national level data, statistics are presented by state, FTA region, tribe, and mode, as well as other agency characteristics. The rural transit data presented in this report were obtained from the Rural National Transit Database (NTD). The 2011 edition of the Rural Transit Fact Book was the first published by the Small Urban and Rural Transit Center (SURTC) and included Rural NTD data for 2007-2009. Since 2011, annual updates have been made to the Fact Book to provide updated data. The 2014 edition includes 2012 data from the Rural NTD as well as additional data from the American Community Survey, American Housing Survey, and National Household Travel Survey.

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