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Event Proceedings
Vision Safe Drive Conference

A successful regional event focusing on rural traffic safety was held November 29-30, 2007, in Bismarck, ND. The conference was organized by the Rural Transportation Safety and Security Center as a part of its mission to promote and enhance the region's transportation safety and security through research, education, and outreach in a partnership with stakeholders. The program was put together in cooperation with the state departments of transportation from Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming, along with the Federal Highway Administration's North Dakota Division Office.

Participants learned about peer experiences and innovative practices in traffic safety from around and outside the region. An audience of enforcement, engineering, and education professionals with state and local perspectives discussed several topics around the central conference theme of traffic safety initiatives for the region.

View the entire Executive Summary (PDF, 78K)



Keynote: A Vision for Safer Highways in the Future (PDF, 114K)Tony Kane, American Association of State Transportation Officials
Moving Forward Under SAFETEA-LU (PDF, 46K)Jeff Lindley, Associate Administrator, Office of Safety, FHWA
Emerging Issues in CVO Safety (PDF, 107K)Jeff Jensen, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
National Best Practices: Designing and Operating Roads for Older Drivers (PDF, 4547K)David Morena, Safety and Traffic Operations Engineer, FHWA Michigan Division
Graduated Drivers Licenses: Novelty or Necessity? (PDF, 699K)David Huff, Montana Department of Public Instruction
Enhancing Safety Through Cooperation: Lessons from the Rural West (PDF, 1511K)Jim Lynch, Director, Montana DOT
Moving the Numbers: Missouri's System Approach to Safety (PDF, 1258K)Brian Chandler, Missouri DOT
Lunch Keynote: Enhancing Rural Transportation Safety Through the Use of Social Marketing (PDF, 817K)Michael Rothschild, University of Wisconsin
Wyoming's Ignition Interlock Program (PDF, 57K)Col. Sam Powell, Wyoming Highway Patrol
South Dakota's 24/7 Sobriety Program (PDF, 298K)Bill Mickelson, Office of the Attorney General
Approaches to Senior Mobility: Driver Licensing and Education (PDF, 135K)Sheryl Aanerud, Oregon DOT
Montana's Experience with GDL and Young Driver Programs (PDF, 1287K)David Huff, Montana Department of Public Instruction
Serious Traffic Offender Program (STOP) (PDF, 1636K)Brad Booth, Rapid City Police Department
Alive at 25 (PDF, 747K)Terry Weaver, Traffic Safety Program Coordinator for the North Dakota Safety Council
Reaching Drivers Through Victim Impact Panels (PDF, 245K)Robyn Litke, Safe Communities Coalition of the Red River Valley
Highway Safety: Your Role, Your Legacy (PDF, 1766K)Rudy Umbs, FHWA Resource Center Midwest Office
Rural ITS: Applications to Enhance Safety (PDF, 576K)Ayman Smadi, North Dakota State University
SDDOT Safety Program (PDF, 518K)Cliff Reuer, South Dakota DOT
Tribal Road Safety Audits (PDF, 125K)Dennis Trusty, Northern Plains TTAP
High Risk Rural Road (HR3) Program: Federal Perspective (PDF, 32K)Paul Harker, FHWA Wyoming Division Office
Rural Safety Evaluation Program in the State of Wyoming (PDF, 970K)Dr. Khaled Ksaibati, University of Wyoming
Safe Routes to School (PDF, 239K)Martin Kidner, Wyoming DOT
Five-Percent Report for Safety Needs: Remedies Update (PDF, 62K)Al Covlin, North Dakota DOT
Tribal Safety Conscious Planning: Lessons and Successes (PDF, 843K)Jim Lynch, Director, Montana DOT
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