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Project Details

Title:Federal Transit Administration, USDOT
Principal Investigators:Jill Hough


Jill Hough worked at the Federal Transit Administration for four months in 1998. During this time she filled the position of Interim Transit Platform Director of the Transit Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI). This program is a major new component of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) program. The program intent is to significantly improve the safety and efficiency of motor vehicle operations by reducing the probability of vehicle accidents. To accomplish this, the IVI will accelerate the development, availability, and use of driving assistance and control intervention systems on cars, buses, trucks, and specialty vehicles. The IVI program places special emphasis on driver interface control systems. Hough primarily worked with industry and other officials to identify, select, and justify specific user services for the Transit IVI program, i.e., Lane Change/Merge/Passing Warning Systems; Rear End Collision Warning Systems; Rear Impact mitigation/Warning & Recording; and Tight Maneuver & Precision Docking. Hough also worked on the budget process for the program. In addition to working on the IVI program, she was involved with rural ITS issues including welfare to work and also the 2002 Winter Olympics which will be held in Salt Lake City.

For more information about this project, please email Jill Hough (jill.hough@ndsu.edu).

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