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Project Details

Title:Impacts of Transit on Health in Rural and Small Urban Areas
Principal Investigators:Jeremy Mattson
Start Date:January 2022
End Date:December 2023
RiP #:01849879
Keywords:access, health, public transit, rural areas, social impacts, urban areas


Transit can impact the health of its users in several ways. Many transit riders in rural communities rely on public transportation to get to their medical appointments. Improving access to other types of activities can also have health benefits. Improved access to grocery stores and nutritious food can directly impact health, while improved access to other activities can be indirectly beneficial to health. By allowing users to make trips they otherwise would not have made, transit reduces social isolation and stress, allows for independent living, and increases a person's social network. Transit has also been shown in urban areas to positively impact health by increasing the physical activity of its users. For all of these reasons, transportation is often referred to as a social determinant of health.

Project Deliverables

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