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DOTSC IT Section
About Us

The IT Section introduces North Dakota State University's (NDSU) computer science and management information system students with real-world information technology (IT) issues and projects.

The program familiarizes students with IT issues and governmental IT systems while encouraging them to stay in North Dakota and work with public or private organizations after graduation.

IT Projects

  • Web Development – The DOTSC IT students work with Visual Studio 2010 to design and implement programs on the web. These web projects can be deployed and accessed from anywhere that has Internet connectivity, eliminating the need to install programs on multiple machines.
  • Windows Desktop Development – IT interns develop desktop programs with Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Access 2010 to increase ease of use and productivity for Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute staff and clients. The programs generally are used for data entry, manipulation, and analytical reporting. They also make it easier to calculate complex data equations efficiently.
  • Database Design/Analysis – Learning about this topic helps students better understand how data should be stored and accessed to maximize efficiency and reliability. Analyzing the data allows the IT department to create reports that help users better understand the data as a whole without having to understand all of the data. Overall, this creates a system that better organizes critical information for the DOTSC.
  • Research – Students are encouraged to research their projects and take time to learn about the challenges that come along with them. This helps the student become better equipped for current and future projects.
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