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Special Achievement Award for Education
2009 Recipient

Terry Placek

The award recognizes Terry Placek's expertise, advice, on-going support, and tireless promotion of the transportation and logistics academic programs at NDSU. Placek was instrumental in launching the Masters of Military Logistics Program (now the Masters of Managerial Logistics) program at NDSU.

Within the office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army, she is the Comptroller Proponency Program Manager and Chief, Comptroller Proponency Office, and is responsible for the career management, education, training and professional development of the Army's military and civilian financial management professionals. Placek has extensive experience in financial and resource management at all levels within the Department of the Army. She served as Special Assistant to the Comptroller of the Army in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management) and was the Acting Director for Management and Control in the Army Budget Office. Early assignments included those of budget analyst intern at the Ammunition Procurement and Supply Agency, and program analyst for the U.S. Army Munitions Command in Joliet, Illinois.

After earning her Master's Degree in Business and Public Service (Administration) from Governor's State University in University Park, Ill, she accepted a budget analyst position at the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, Fort Sheridan, Illinois. Placek received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Political Science from the University of Minnesota. She has also graduated with distinction from the Armed Forces Staff College, the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, and the Federal Executive Institute.

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