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Chairman's Award
2021 Recipient

Darcy Rosendahl

Darcy Rosendahl will receive the Chairman's Award, which recognizes his work in establishing partnerships between NDDOT and UGPTI. In his roles at NDDOT and during his time as NDLTAP director, he helped UGPTI develop research and outreach programs that provided valuable support to NDDOT. While deputy director at NDDOT, Rosendahl headed the four-state Transportation Learning Network dedicated to distance-based transportation training and education. While with NDDOT's Materials Division and Planning Division, he continuously supported research at the department and university level.

Rosendahl worked for NDDOT from 1985 to 2011 in the Design Division, Materials and Research Division, the Planning and Programming Division, and the Office of Operations. His experience includes traffic and urban design, geotechnical engineering, pavement design, pavement analysis, materials testing, pavement research, transportation planning, traffic analysis, traffic operations, federal aid programming, construction, maintenance, and civil rights. Rosendahl worked for UGPTI as director of the Local Technical Assistance Program assisting counties, townships, and cities improve their roads and bridges. He returned to NDDOT in 2013 as deputy director, a position he held until his retirement in 2017.

Rosendahl earned his B.S. in civil engineering from NDSU and was an active member of the Central Dacotah Chapter of the American Society of Highway Engineers and the American Public Works Association. He was a registered North Dakota professional engineer.

Darcy and his wife, Sara, both natives of New Salem, ND, reside in Bismarck.

The Chairman's Award recognizes individuals for contributions to transportation research, education, and outreach at NDSU, and/or contributions to the viability of UGPTI.

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