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Transportation Analyst Earns Designation

Posted: Feb 15, 2012

Picture of Eunsu LeeEunSu Lee, transportation analyst with the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, was recognized as an American Production and Inventory Control Society Certified Supply Chain Professional.

As a transportation analyst, Lee contributes to several institute projects that focus on statewide transportation planning. His specialties in spatial analysis and supply chain management are especially useful while projecting oil traffic in North Dakota. Lee also works on agricultural transportation projects that analyze grain movement by rail, truck and waterways. He also enjoys using humanitarian logistics to improve the lives of North Dakotans through analysis of ambulance service coverage and emergency services accessibility in rural areas. On a larger scale, Lee studies and analyzes international containerized freight movement, focusing on container imports and exports of the United States. An NDSU alumnus, Lee also teaches a graduate-level course, Spatial Analysis in Transportation.

Introduced in 2005, the American Production and Inventory Control Society Certified Supply Chain Professional program takes a broad view of the supply chain field, extending beyond internal operations to encompass all the steps throughout the supply chain — from the supplier, through the company, to the end consumer — and provides the candidate with knowledge to effectively manage the integration of these activities to maximize a company's value chain. To qualify for the designation, a candidate must complete a rigorous course of study and a comprehensive examination.

Published in NDSU's staff newsletter
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February 15, 2012

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