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NDSU Represented at the SOLE 2010 Conference

Posted: Sep 9, 2010

Three NDSU students and faculty attended the International Society of Logistics (SOLE) conference held mid-August in Dallas, Texas. The conference theme "Global Logistics Sustainability" focused on the significance of sustainability in logistics.

Sustainability-focused sessions taught attendees about new processes and methods that will reduce the consumption of limited global assets and minimize the environmental risk and impact of logistics activities. In other sessions focused more on logistics, presenters discussed economic responsibility and innovative techniques for moving products.

Attendee included: Yolanda Carson, a transportation and logistics Ph.D. student; Joe Szmerekovsky, College of Business faculty; and Jody Bohn, assistant to the director of transportation and logistics educational programs. Bohn says the NDSU attendees returned with a fresh perspective on sustainability and logistics to energize the NDSU community.

Additionally, Drs. Subhro Mitra, Denver Tolliver and Joseph Szmerekovsky recently published an article in the Logistics Spectrum, a publication of SOLE. The article, "Security of Container Movements in Multimodal Freight Networks," discusses technology used to improve container security and the costs associated with implementing new security measures.

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