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Transportation and logistics students tour BNSF facilities

Posted: Oct 12, 2009

Students in NDSU's Association of Transportation and Logistics toured Dilworth's Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway facilities last spring. The tour, which allowed students to interact with yardmasters, gave students a better understanding of railroad terminal operation.

The students study intermodal transportation and rail technology to identify shippers' and carriers' advantages. The visit to Dilworth's BNSF railroad terminal allowed the students to gain a better understanding of the concepts presented in class through first-hand observation. Students also gained a better understanding of the importance of safety and technical assistance.

"The tour was very beneficial because it gave us real experience with the rail industry," said student Lei Fan. Others who participated in the tour were EunSu Lee, Ieelong Chen and Subhro Mitra.

Published in NDSU's staff newsletter
It's Happening at State
Oct. 7, 2009

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