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Paper Features Reinforced Bridge Column Research

Posted: Apr 15, 2024

A journal paper based on MPC research, "Seismic Column-To-Footing Connections Reinforced with Steel/GFRP Bars and GFRP Spirals," was recently published in the April issue of Engineering Structures. The paper was co-authored by Ph.D. student Duc Tran and MPC researcher Chris P. Pantelides at the University of Utah.

The research was funded through MPC Project 609, "Durable Bridges Using Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Hybrid Reinforced Concrete Columns." The work was also the basis of Tran’s Ph.D. dissertation. He is a student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Utah. Tran received his BS from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam. His research focuses on applying fiber-reinforced polymer bars and wrapping systems in seismic design, structural performance evaluation, analytical modeling, and self-centering systems to reduce residual displacement or permanent drift.

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