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Cox Delivers Prakash Lecture at Geo-Congress

Posted: Apr 15, 2024

MPC researcher and Utah State University Professor Brady Cox is this year's recipient of the American Society of Civil Engineers Prakash Lecturer Award for outstanding research or professional practice contributions in the area of geotechnical engineering or soil dynamics. Only one person is selected annually.

"This is such an honor," Cox said. "Dr. Prakash was a wonderful professor and I have deep gratitude for the opportunity to receive this award in his name." The lecture, "What Spatial Area Influence Seismic Site Response," is available on YouTube.

Cox is a geotechnical engineering professor in the USU Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. As a part of his award, Cox presented research findings on seismic site response analyses during the ASCE Geo-Institute Conference. He specializes in geotechnical engineering, with emphasis on issues related to seismic design and in-situ site characterization for major construction projects. His research efforts combine experimental field testing with computational analyses and high-performance computing.

Cox is serving as principal investigator on MPC project 694, "Calibrating Ground Response Analyses Beneath an Instrumented Bridge Using the I-15 Borehole Array and Ground Motions from the Magna Earthquake."

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