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Automated Parking Systems Are Fairer for Drivers and Could Improve Parking and Transportation Management

Posted: May 1, 2023

A switch to automated parking systems that assess on-street parking fees for the exact amount of time parked would be fairer for drivers and would help transportation planners manage traffic and parking demand better, according to researchers at the University of Colorado Denver. In a study of on-street parking on 42 blocks in Downtown Denver, almost all drivers who used parking meters for on-street parking overpaid or underpaid for the time they are parked. The researchers found that while drivers are diligently attempting to pay the correct price for the time parked, they miss the mark almost 98% of the time. Consequently, they say punishing drivers with citations under such as system is unfair and the use of parking meters to manage parking demand and driver behavior is flawed.

Ming Li, Ph.D.
University Colorado Denver

Carolyn McAndrews, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Denver

Irrationality in Metered Parking Payment Compliance

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