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Transportation Institute terrorism research receives worldwide media coverage

Posted: Dec 10, 2008

NDSU's Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute earned global media exposure in November with the publication of a new article by one of its staff about terrorism in South Asia.

Jarret Brachman, associate research fellow, published an article titled "Al-Qaida's Changing Outlook on Pakistan" for the November edition of the CTC (Combating Terrorism Center) Sentinel, a monthly security publication by the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Brachman argued that Al-Qaida faces strategic challenges operating in Pakistan and would search for new ways to relieve some of those pressures.

Brachman's analysis proved prescient in light of the Mumbai terrorist attacks occurring just a week after the publication of his article. His work has generated worldwide media attention, with coverage in more than 20 media outlets in 11 different countries, including the United States, Pakistan, India, Qatar, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Spain, France, Switzerland, Canada and Singapore.

Brachman also gave a presentation at an international counterterrorism conference in Zaragoza, Spain, in late November. The conference, prominently covered in the European press, was attended by members of Spanish intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Brachman joined the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute earlier this year to develop a new research program on transportation security.

Published in NDSU's staff newsletter
It's Happening at State
Dec. 10, 2008

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