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Developing Performance-Related Tests to Assure Optimal Asphalt Performance

Posted: Aug 18, 2022

Asphalt mixes now contain recycled asphalt pavement and less asphalt binder in an attempt to resist rutting and save on materials, however these mixes have resulted in increases in cracking and raveling in pavements. Researchers at the University of Utah are developing performance-related tests that will allow highway agencies to select asphalt mixtures for optimal performance thus significantly reducing maintenance costs. They evaluated selected asphalt mixtures seven different plants for low-temperature cracking and intermediate temperature fracture energy to ensure that the addition of a low-temperature test will not affect the high temperature performance or the durability of pavements. The mixtures were compacted and tested at low and intermediate temperatures using the bending beam rheometer and the semi-circular bend test configuration. Both tests provided insight as to the potential performance of the mixtures.

Pedro Romero, Ph.D.
University of Utah

Field Performance of Asphalt Pavements at Low and Intermediate Temperatures

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