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Research Will Help Traffic Managers Implement Safer, More Efficient Highway Interchanges

Posted: Aug 1, 2022

Research at the University of Wyoming will help transportation managers and policymakers decide on strategies for implementing appropriate alternative interchanges in consideration of growing traffic demands, safety, and limited budgets. The researchers introduced two new versions of the Super Diverging Diamond Interchange and evaluated the vehicular operation, safety, and pedestrian performance using locations in the Denver, CO, metro area. Using computerized traffic analysis tools, the researchers evaluated the new designs along with the conventional diamond interchange and an existing diverging diamond design. They found that Super DDI designs should perform better in urban (or populated suburban) areas due to the higher traffic demand and a greater number of adjacent intersections compared with rural areas. On the other hand, the analysis of pedestrian performance showed that Super Diverging Diamond interchanges are safer for pedestrians.

Khaled Ksaibati, Ph.D.
University of Wyoming

Proposing the Super DDI Design to Improve the Performance of Failing Service Interchanges in Denver Metro, Colorado

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