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Two from UGPTI Nominated for NDSU's Gunkelman Award

Posted: May 5, 2022

UGPTI researcher Satpal Wadhwa and UGPTI graduate research assistant Zhila Dehdari Ebrahimi were recently honored as nominees for NDSU's Mary McCannel Gunkelman Award. Nominees are among those who make significant and unselfish contributions to creating a happy environment for the enjoyment of NDSU students.

From Satpal's nomination: He is currently leading 2 Engineering undergraduate capstone projects for the IME and ME departments and is doing a great job. His skills with SAS programming to analyze large data sets is invaluable to this department and he is not arrogant about this knowledge or the effort he makes to assist with the many kinds of data analysis work that is performed at UGPTI here on the NDSU campus. Sometimes this work can be stressful and fatiguing for himself or other co-workers but because of his efforts he has made NDSU a happier place!

From Zhila's nomination: "She has taken time to visit and listen to advice or other people's experiences in the transportation field. She is very kind, respectful and polite towards other people. She comes to the office even on stormy days to work on her projects and other homework including data cleaning for some ND DOT projects. She has a friendly smile and is very dedicated toward her work and helping others to reach their goals. She makes NDSU a happier place just by being here."

Congratulations on your well-deserved nominations!

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