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NDSU Promotes Bridgelall and Godavarthy

Posted: May 11, 2022

Two UGPTI researchers were recently promoted to associate professor with tenure by NDSU. Raj Bridgelall and Ranjit Godavarthy were both promoted to associate professor in the Department of Transportation, Logistics, and Finance. The two were recognized at NDSU's Celebration of Excellence held May 10.

Bridgelall serves as program director for UGPTI's Center for Surface Mobility Applications & Real-time Simulation environments (SMARTSe) and is ranked within the top 10 NDSU faculty cited in technical publications. Bridgelall’s research focuses on all aspects of intelligent transportation solutions, including the evolution of cyber-physical security, computing, and data science. He joined UGPTI in 2010.

Godavarthy began working with UGPTI's Small Urban and Rural Center of Mobility in 2012. His research areas include shared-use mobility, mobility-on-demand, automated/connected/electric vehicle technologies, multimodal transit research, travel behavior, traffic operations, transportation planning, and community livability. He is active in National Cooperative Highway Research Program activities, authored or co-authored more than 25 journal articles and research reports, delivered more than 35 presentations at international, national, and regional conferences/meetings, and actively involved in professional activities.

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