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Master of Military Logistics Students Participate in RFID Course

Posted: Aug 20, 2008

Students from the NDSU Master of Military Logistics Program participated in a radio frequency identification (RFID) course offered by the RFID Solutions Center Dayton. Based in Ohio, the firm is the world's largest and most advanced facility devoted entirely to the application of RFID technology. Alien Technology, Fargo, hosted the three-day course that ran from July 15-17.

The first two days of the course were classroom work covering the background, future, building process and application of RFID technology. The third day of the course was hands-on training where students used equipment in real-life scenarios to implement RFID technology.

According to Brian Kalk, Master of Military Logistics Program manager, NDSU is trying to integrate more RFID technology into their program and having Alien Technology so close to the university makes it that much easier. "This summer, for the first time, the RFID course is being integrated into our case studies course," he said. "It really gives the student an idea of where we came from with RFID technology and where we are going."

"This RFID course is an outstanding opportunity for students and faculty to see firsthand the unlimited capabilities of RFIDs in commercial and military applications. We plan to hold another RFID workshop next May for the incoming master's students," stated Jody Bohn, academic program coordinator for the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute.

The Master of Military Logistics Program is a professional degree program targeted specifically at career military officers, Department of Defense civilians and other logistic professionals. The degree is tailored to the Department of Defense's strategic goals of joint officer and civilian development and logistics transformation. Because of its interdisciplinary and specialized nature, the degree offers a unique curriculum that meets all 12 points of the National Logistics Curriculum outlined by the United States Army Logistics Management College. The degree is offered by the College of Graduate and Interdisciplinary Studies and administered by the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute.

For more information on becoming involved in the next course, contact Bohn at (701)231-7938.

Published in NDSU's staff newsletter
It's Happening at State
Aug. 20, 2008

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