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Ahmed Named Wyoming Excellence Chair

Posted: Nov 19, 2021

Mohamed Ahmed, the Williams and Person Professor/Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, and Construction Management was recently named Wyoming Excellence Chair in recognition of his exceptional scholarship and teaching. He was one of only four University of Wyoming professors to receive the honor this year.

The 2006 Wyoming State Legislature established the Excellence in Higher Education Endowment, which included a $70 million endowment to create senior faculty positions for highly distinguished scholars and educators at UW. The legislation states that the endowed positions must expand university instruction and research in disciplines related to economic and social challenges facing Wyoming.

Ahmed is recognized for scholarship in advanced road safety management. Through the integration of statistical inference, complex computing techniques, and machine learning, he extracts information from large datasets to address safety trends and patterns, estimate collision risk, assess the performance of emerging technologies, and make evidence-based safety decisions. Since joining the university, Ahmed has developed a creative and innovative road safety research program that is unique within North America.

He is the principal investigator on three MPC projects:

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