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Researchers Test ABC Designs for Seismic Areas

Posted: Oct 1, 2021

Researchers at the University of Utah are developing and testing innovative systems for accelerated bridge construction that combine precast concrete elements with stretch length anchors. Accelerated bridge construction techniques can dramatically shorten the time required for bridge construction or replacement and allows for many key structural elements to be constructed off-site under controlled conditions, resulting in higher-quality products. Testing of these bridge elements and methods of connecting them is necessary to design bridges that are sustainable and resilient, allowing the transportation system to better withstand seismic events. The researchers constructed a scale-model prototype bridge and subjected it to seismic forces such as those that might be experienced in an earthquake. Overall, the bridge performed well. The anchors yielded in tension and elongated, but they are easily replaceable, meaning that the bridge can be easily repaired after an earthquake and returned to service.

Chris P. Pantelides, Ph.D.
University of Utah

Self-Centering Bridge Bent for Accelerated Bridge Construction

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