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MPC Researcher Presents Results of Local Bridge Studies

Posted: Mar 18, 2021

Mostafa Tazarv, researcher with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at South Dakota State University, recently gave several presentations related to his MPC local bridge research.

He presented "Design of Mechanically Spliced Precast Bridge Columns for High-Seismic Regions" to the American Concrete Institute's Fall 2020 Virtual Convention in October. The work was based on MPC project 595, "Mechanically Spliced Precast Bridge Columns." Coauthors of the presentation were P. Dahal and M.S. Saiidi.

A related paper, "Mechanical Bar Splices for Incorporation in Plastic Hinge Regions of RC Members," was published in the October issue of the journal Construction and Building Materials. Dahal was also a co-author of that paper.

Tazarv also presented "Best Practices in Rating, Rehabilitation, and Replacement of South Dakota Local Road Bridges" as a webinar to the South Dakota Eastern Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers in May. Coauthors of the presentation were Lucas Bohn, Zach Carnahan, Michael Mingo, Sandip Rimal, and Nadim Wehbe. The presentation drew from several MPC projects related to local road bridges.

He gave a similar presentation, "Best Practices to Evaluate, Rehabilitate, and Replace Local Road Bridges," with the same co-authors as a webinar to the Washington State University National Center Transportation Infrastructure Durability and Life Extension in March 2020.

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