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Research Finds Rapid Test Can Measure Fatigue in ´╗┐Transportation Workers

Posted: Jul 15, 2021

Research at the University of Denver demonstrated that the AlertMeter®, a commercially available electronic vigilance test that can assess fatigue/vigilance within two minutes, is a valid measure of fatigue. The researchers collected data on a sample of healthy adults over a 36-hour period of wakefulness where participants completed the AlertMeter® test and accepted laboratory tests. The researchers found the results to be closely correlated. The use of the AlertMeter® in operational transportation settings will increase the likelihood that driver operators will begin work at an optimal level of alertness, thereby reducing the risk of drowsy driving, traffic or rule violations, and crashes. Further adoption of the AlertMeter® in the operational setting will contribute to a greater degree of safety in the U.S. transportation system.

Patrick Sherry, Ph.D.
University of Denver

Jesse Owen, Ph.D.
University of Denver

Validation of AlertMeter Fatigue Assessment Device

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