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Taming Dust with Soybean Oil

Posted: Nov 17, 2020

NDSU developed and patented a soybean-based dust control product that is being produced by BioBlend, an Illinois-based manufacturer of biodegradable lubricants and industrial products. The product was placed on several test strip gravel road locations in the Upper Midwest including North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. Thanks to NDSU researcher Jim Bahr, BioBlend sales representative Todd Allison and NDLTAP's Kelly Bengtson for helping to arrange test sites in the region. The soybean-based product is non-corrosive and can be applied with standard equipment. This product looks very promising and could be ready to roll out to the retail market in the spring of 2021!

AGWEEK recently featured a test of the product in Stutsman County. Listen to Sarah Henrich's podcast of an interview with researcher Jim Bahr on the Growing Harvest Ag Network about how NDSU is looking into how soybean oil can help reduce dust on roadways.

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