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Research May Improve Ride Quality and Service Life of Bridge Approaches

Posted: Dec 3, 2020

MPC researchers at the University of Utah are working to eliminate or reduce the bump at the end of Utah bridges caused by settling of soils that can occur long after construction. In some cases, the settling can result in a need to completely reinstall bridge approaches. The researchers studied surcharging, which is the preloading of earthen embankments and underlying compressible soils to reduce post-construction settlement. As a result of their study, the researchers developed a recommended method for designing surcharge fills while considering post-construction settlement effects. Implementing the research will reduce the settlement damage at bridge crossings. It will also improve the ride quality at these bridges and extend the service life of the bridge approaches.

Steven Bartlett, Ph.D.
University of Utah

Evaluation of Secondary Consolidation Settlement Associated with Embankment Construction for Fast-paced Transportation Projects

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