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Road Scholars Bring Improved Know-How to Local Roads

Posted: Apr 16, 2020

Photo from the motor grader operator course offered in 2017Local road workers, NDDOT employees, contractors and consultants make up the most recent class of 82 "road scholars" who completed a continuing education program for road and highway practitioners in North Dakota. The program, offered by UGPTI's N.D. Local Technical Assistance Program for more than 30 years, recognizes achievements in subjects and topics essential to efficient and effective local road maintenance and management.

Workshop short courses are offered by NDLTAP and are supplemented by approved courses offered by UGPTI's Transportation Learning Network. They range from "Bridge 101" to "Work-Zone Safety."

"Participation in the Road Scholar Program increases participants' knowledge and awareness of how and why the road system must be properly managed," notes NDLTAP Director Dale Heglund. "The ideas, knowledge, and skills gained through the training will help them on job, strengthen their agencies, preserve the roadway infrastructure, and reduce the cost of maintaining roadways. Investing in our people in this way pays huge dividends for our road system."

The 82 individuals who received the "Road Scholar I" designation this year completed 30 credit hours of study in at least five courses. Another 18 achieved a "Road Scholar II" designation for completing 90 credit hours of instruction. Two individuals, Ritch Gimbel of Bottineau County and Darryl Wehner of Dickinson, achieved the "Road Scholar III" designation with 150 credit hours and additional work in developing learning opportunities for other road workers or serving as a mentor.

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