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Improving Load-Ratings for Damaged Double-Tee Bridges

Posted: Aug 1, 2019

MPC researchers at South Dakota State University developed a visual load rating method for double-tee bridges that maximizes the use of existing double-tee bridges while providing safe travel and preserving the bridge investment. They reviewed more than 370 inspection reports to determine the frequency of damage types and condition states, bridge span length, number of spans, girder depth and bridge skew conditions of double-tee bridges in South Dakota. They also conducted field testing of two bridges and lab tested two 45-year-old double-tee girders.

Although double-tee bridges are the most common type of bridge used on local roads in South Dakota. Prior to this study, estimating the safe live load of a damaged bridge was a challenge because of the lack of information on the capacity and live load transfer mechanisms for damaged components.

Mostafa Tazarv, Ph.D.
South Dakota State University

Methodology for Load Rating Double-Tee Bridges

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